The Historic Chicago Bungalow has Evolved

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I have always LOVED the historic Chicago Bungalow. Now the bungalows I love are even better and even more spacious with 2nd floor additions and COMPLETELY RENOVATED.

Built between 1910 - 1940, these 1 1/2 story homes are getting a make-over. And not everyone is liking or agree with this change. See

However, I believe it's a good change and time for these historic properties to evolve.

Families are larger now than back when they were first built and adding that 2nd floor addition really makes it spacious. 



The newly Evolved 2-story Chicago Bungalows are spacious with airy and open floor plans, 4 or 5 Bedrooms, 2 or 3 Bathrooms and full finished basements.

We all either grew up in a Chicago Bungalow or have family or friends that grew up in this historic home. But they didn't look like this!



These Chicago Bungalows have been COMPLETELY RENOVATED from top to bottom.

This beautifully finished basement is a great family hang-out.



Did or does your Chicago Bungalow home have a deck like this???

This beautifully RENOVATED 2-story Bungalow has a full covered deck. Great for summer BBQs and entertaining friends and family.



For more information on renovated 2-story bungalows (including more pictures, locations and prices), please call/text Tanya @ 630.201.3256